About Sambhav


Many a times life has its own plan for us and the things in the end turns out to be more beautiful than we have imagined.

When Sambhav back in 2000 enrolled for the MBA program, he needed work experience to get through the entrance procedure and name it luck or anything, he started working with his close relatives and friends who were into carpet export business. Little did he know that he would soon develop a passion for rugs.

He realized that he was not made for office chores and his heart resided with the threads and color schemes that are used to design a carpet. This Bikaner boy’s heart found his purpose for life in the weavers, clippers and dyers. A thing that started accidentally as a way to get into the college turned into his fascination for traditional art form of carpet knitting.

The magnetism of the weaver world played its spell and in 2005 Sambhav started his own atelier production. Being an outsider, experimenting with contemporary color schemes and innovative design came easy to him as he had a fresh approach to the trade. That was the time when the carpet industry marked a shift from classic to voguish arena and came as blessing in disguise for Sambhav.

The precision of the weavers, painstaking workmanship of hand carving and the magical charm of the dyers are illustrated in Sambhav’s work. An endeavour to replay the forgotten song of these exemplary artists, he is launching his brand Sambhav DOMOTEX 2016, his tribute to the INDIAN CRAFTSMEN at the global level.