The Michael George Modernist Collection

"The Genius of Our Decorative Artists Lies in Their Ability to Create New Forms From Old Meanings."

This collection is imbued with the spirit of Modernism, a philosophical movement and world view that arose in Western societies during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Traditional forms of art, architecture, literature, religion and social organisation were seen to be outmoded in the socio-economic environment of a rapidly industrialising world.

Modernist carpet designers eschewed the florid Victorian, Art Deco, Viennese, and Art Nouveau styles in favour of rectilinear designs, emphasising clarity of form, and restraint in the use of colour.

The Swedes were the most versatile in designing furnishings to suit modern tastes. Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom, Sweden's most celebrated textile artist was known for her innovative use of raw materials to focus on the aesthetics of fibres and textures.

Sambhav is a poet of raw materials. He has created a propriety blend of hand spun wool and viscose to create a texture which functions as design, perfectly attuned to contemporary room settings.

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